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外语讲坛第35期:Positive Discourses of Sustainability: Bridging Discursive Divides

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主讲人:  Dr Tom Bartlett


讲座地点: 5A402


  Dr Tom Bartlett is a Reader in Language and Communication at Cardiff University, UK,  where he has been working since 2007. He specialises in teaching and researching discourse analysis and Systemic Functional Linguistics. He has been Course Director of the MA programme in Applied Linguistics, Director of Research and the Deputy Director of Studies with responsibility for Postgraduate and First Year Undergraduate affairs. Outside academia, he has worked variously as an English language teacher in Scotland, Spain, Costa Rica and the US; a freelance lexicographer in the UK; a consultant on Mayan language/Spanish dictionaries in Mexico; an advisor to the Media Monitoring Unit in Guyana; and as a translator for the UNHCR in Costa Rica. His research brings together Systemic Functional Linguistics, discourse analysis, and social and ethnographic approaches to language study.

  His publications include: The Routledge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics. Routledge 2017. Analysing Power in Language: A Practical Guide. Routledge 2014. Systemic Functional Linguistics: Exploring Choice. Cambridge University Press 2013. Hybrid Voices and Collaborative Change: Contextualising Positive Discourse Analysis. Routledge 2012.


       In this talk we will explore different approaches to ecolinguistics and positive discourse analysis. We will consider the importance of being a legitimate speaker in socially significant contexts, examine the term "sustainability" as an empty signifier, invested with competing meanings by different interest groups, and challenge the concept of a "post-truth" society. These ideas will inform a discussion about how applied linguists can make a positive contribution to bridging the discursive divide between the various stakeholders involved in issues of the environment and sustainability.