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外语讲坛第15期:A case study of word formation in English: BREXIT

发布时间:2016-12-02 15:38:34.0 来源:

Speaker: Dr Lise Fontaine (Cardiff University)

Topic: A case study of word formation in English: BREXIT

Time: 2:30-4:10, Dec. 5 (Monday), 2016

Venue: Room 402, College of Foreign Studies, South China Agricultural University

Chair: Professor Huang Guowen


Bio statement:

Lise Fontaine is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Language and Communication Research at Cardiff University (Wales).  She lectures mainly on functional grammar, word meaning, corpus linguistics, and psycholinguistics. Her research interests include functional grammar theory and, more specifically, the study of referring expressions as realised in the nominal group. In addition to publishing 15 articles and book chapters, she is the author of Analyzing English Grammar: A systemic-functional introduction, CUP (2012); co-author of Referring in Language: An integrated approach, CUP (in preparation) and co-author of The Oxford Companion to the English Language, 2nd ed. (OUP, in preparation). She has also co-edited the following four volumes: Systemic Functional Linguistics: Exploring Choice (CUP, 2013); Choice in Language (Equinox, 2013); Perspectives from Systemic Functional Linguistics: An Appliable Theory of Language (Routledge, in preparation) and The Cambridge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics (CUP, in preparation).