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 I Overview

The Student Union of School of Foreign Studies is a student-based mass organization under the leadership of the College Party Committee. It carries out work under the guidance of the School League Committee and School Student Union and is the faithful representative of the fundamental interests of the majority of students. Faithfully serving teachers and students and safeguarding the interests of the student majority, it fully plays a pivotal role in connecting teachers and students. The Student Union of School of Foreign Studies adheres to the principle of “self-education, self-management and self-service” and adopts the purpose of “serving the school’s students wholeheartedly”. Our student union is bold in actions and innovation. It actively carries out students’ academic exchange activities, social practice activities, scientific and cultural activities, social welfare activities, and recreational and sports activities, etc., in order to enrich student life, cultivate student sentiments, effectively promote the all-round development of students, and enhance the campus cultural atmosphere.

II Framework