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Forum on Language, Culture and Translation (2): Building a Four-Year Integrated College-Level Foreign Language Curriculum by Prof. Heidi Byrnes from Georgetown University

Date: Nov-29, 2016 Tue

   On December 5, Professor Heidi Byrnes from Georgetown University lectured on “Building a Four-Year Integrated College-Level Foreign Language Curriculum” in Room 5A402 in the School of Foreign Studies. The lecture was chaired by Professor Huang Guowen, Dean of the School.

     Using German as an example, Professor Byrnes introduced genre-based curriculum construction. She pointed out that factors like teaching subjects, teaching objectives and teaching environment should be taken into consideration in curriculum design. She also talked about the differences between curriculum, course and syllabus. Her principles were demonstrated with plenty of examples.

     The inspiring and thought-provoking lecture was well received by the faculty of the School.

(Report by Qin Jianhua  Picture by Cen Haoxian)