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Forum on Language, Culture and Translation (1): A case study of word formation in English: BREXIT by Dr. Lise Fontaine from Cardiff University

Date: Nov-29, 2016 Tue

     On December 5, Dr. Lise Fontaine from Cardiff University gave a lecture “A Case Study of Word Formation in English: BREXIT” in Room 5A402 in the School of Foreign Studies. The lecture was chaired by Professor Huang Guowen, Dean of the School.

     In her lecture, Dr. Fontaine talked about the connotation of “Brexit”. She pointed out that instead of deriving meaning from collocation, “Brexit” has obtained its meaning from its context. Via the concordances from Nexis corpus, she noted that “Bexit” has undergone nominalization and now bears negative connotation.

     The lecture, with its up-to-date research content, has attracted a large number of teachers and students from the college. 

(Report by Qin Jianhua  Picture by Cen Haoxian)