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Masters of Translation and Interpreting (MTI)

MTI Education Center intends to cultivate applicable, professional, translation talents of moral, intellectual, physical development to satisfy the needs of our national economic construction and social development. In line with the disciplinary advantages enjoyed by South China Agricultural University, our goals for translation training is to nurture foreign agriculture and business-related translation talents. The professionally trained graduates will be qualified to engage themselves in translation services or foreign affairs translation in large-scale domestic and foreign agricultural enterprises, language service companies, foreign economic and trade departments or agricultural departments in enterprises and public institutions.

The main courses offered include Business Translation, English Translation for Chinese Classics, A Brief History of Translation in China and the West, Nonliterature Translation, Computer Assisted Translation, On Translation, Translation Appreciation and Criticism, Scientific English, Intercultural Translation, Translations in agriculture (forest) products trade, Foundation Course of Interpreting, Selected English Readings on Economics and Trade, Contrastive Studies and Translation Between Chinese and English, Literary Translation, Pragmatics of Translation, Introducing Ecolinguistics, Chinese Language and Culture, Fundamental Theories and  Skills for Translation, Second Foreign Language(Japanese, Selected Readings of Scientific Literature in Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering Technology and Translation.