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Prof. Li Zhanxi Speaks in the MTI Student Education Meeting of 2017

Date: Sep-10, 2017 Sun

On September 8, the MTI student education meeting of 2017 was held in Room 5A402 of SFS.

     Professor Li Zhanxi, also Deputy Dean in charge of research in the School, spoke in the meeting. He first introduced the syllabus of MTI in SFS, including courses, mid-term assessment, proposal of dissertation, dissertation writing, academic exchange, practicum, yearly tasks etc. He also pointed out that graduate study was fundamentally different from that in undergraduate period and that the MTI students should change their thinking mode and adjust to the new learning environment. He encouraged the students to work hard and try their best to complete graduate study.

Deputy Party Secretary Yi Hui also attended the meeting.

(Report by Qin Jianhua   Picture by Chen Lijun)