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The 22nd Symposium on Functional Linguistics and Discourse Analysis (updated)

Date: Sep-08, 2017 Fri

The 22nd Symposium on Functional Linguistics and Discourse Analysis:

 Alternative Architectures for Systemic Functional Linguistics: The Cardiff Approach 

Time: November 3-5, 2017(Nov. 3 for registration, Nov. 4-5 for the sessions); 

Venue: Room 402, School of Foreign Studies, South China Agricultural University; 

Speakers: Prof. Robin Fawcett (Cardiff University, UK)

               Prof. Lise Fontaine (Cardiff University, UK)
               Prof. Hiroshi Funamoto (Hokuriku University, Japan)
               Prof. He Wei (Beijing Foreign Studies University, China)
               Prof. Huang Guowen (South China Agricultural University, China)
               Prof. Edward Mcdonald (Sydney University, Australia)
               Prof. Michael James O'Donnell (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)
               Prof. Gordon Tucker (Cardiff University, UK)
               Prof. Jonathan Webster(City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China)

               Prof. Zhang Delu (Tongji University, China) 


1. An interview will be arranged with Prof. Robin Fawcett, who is the initiator of the International Systemic Functional Linguistics Association and Cardiff Grammar.

2. The symposium covers key-note speeches and parallel sessions. Abstracts on linguistics, functional linguistics, ecolinguistics, applied linguisitcs, translation studies, language teaching etc. are welcome. Please send your abstract (around 400 words) to ecoling@126.com before October 22.

Contact: Mr. Li Feiwu, Secretary of the Center for Ecolinguistics of SFS of SCAU, at +86 138 2609 1865

             Prof. Chen Yang, Deputy Dean of SFS of SCAU, at +86 136 3212 0124