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The Second Lecture Series on Ecolinguistics Held in SCAU

Date: Aug-24, 2017 Thu

    The Second Lecture Series on Ecolinguistics were held on August 20 to 22 in Room 5A402 in the School of Foreign Studies (SFS) of South China Agricultural University (SCAU). More than 90 teachers and graduate students from Sun Yat-sen University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Northeast Agricultural University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, South China Agricultural University etc. attended the lecture series. 

Secretary Wu Shantian of SFS chaired the opening ceremony and Professor Huang Guowen, Dean of SFS, delivered the opening speech. Director Feng Lixin from International Office of SCAU was also invited.

The key-note speakers included Professor Sune Vork Steffensen from University of Southern Denmark (also Editor-in-chief of Language Sciences), Professor Fan Junjun from Jinan University, Professor He Wei from Beijing Foreign Studies University and Professor Huang Guowen from SCAU. The theme of the lecture series was “Different Approaches to Ecolinguistics”.

Professor Huang Guowen gave a speech on the origin, objectives and approaches of ecolinguistics. He proposed that ecolinguistic discourse analysis in China should be “Harmonious Discourse Analysis” and pointed out the prospect of ecolinguistic study as well as the expected contributions of foreign language researchers.

Professor Steffensen delivered a series of lectures on “A critical review of ecolinguistics”, “The cognitive ecology of language” and “Interactivity, language and the extended ecology”. He analyzed the ecolinguistic theories of different schools with an attempt to build a holistic theoretical framework for ecolinguistics.

Professor He Wei’s speech was entitled “Ecological sense of place---harmonious living”, in which she introduced the history of Western and Chinese philosophies and derived the essence of Chinese ecological philosophy “He (Harmony)”. She also illustrated the application of functional grammar in ecolinguistic discourse analysis with examples.

Professor Fan Junjun talked about several issues in ecolinguistic study. He proposed that ecolinguistics in China has become an established discipline with its clear research subjects, rich contents, mature theories and research methodology, quantity of researcher body and representative publications. He also made an in-depth analysis of the nature, terminology, research scope and methods etc. of ecolinguistics.

The lecture series were highly interactive with the speakers and the audience exchanging ideas from time to time during the whole course. The insightful and thought-provoking speeches have inspired the audience and helped them build a solid foundation for future research on ecolinguistics.

Lecture Series on Ecolinguistics were initiated by Professor Huang Guowen, with the aim of cultivating young scholars of ecolinguistics and promoting the influence and the study of ecolinguistics. The Series will be a signature project of SCAU and contribute to the development of ecolinguistics discipline in the University.

(Report by Qin Jianhua  Pictures by Cen Haoxian)