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The First Lecture Series on Ecolinguistics Held in SCAU

Date: Jun-14, 2017 Wed

The First Lecture Series on Ecolinguistics were successfully held in Room 5A402 of the School of Foreign Studies in South China Agricultural University on June 13. 

The theme of the lecture series was “Zooming in on Confucianism and Ecological Harmony”. The speakers included Professor Zheng Dongping from University of Hawaii, Doctor Andrew Lambert from the City University of New York and Professor Huang Guowen from South China Agricultural University.

Secretary Wu Shantian of the School presided over the opening ceremony. Vice President of the University Xian Chunlong attended the opening ceremony on behalf of the University and delivered a welcoming speech.

Professor Huang Guowen gave a key-note speech entitled “Harmonious Discourse Analysis”, in which he first introduced how he started research on ecolinguistics and then pointed out the social responsibilities of language researchers. He indicated that language not only reflected but also constructed facts and established human relations.

Doctor Andrew Lambert gave a speech on “Rethinking Tianrenheyi: Approaching Confucian Harmony through Le and Social Events”. He analyzed the connotation of Tianrenheyi and compared Plato’s and Socrates’ thoughts and Yin Yang & Five Elements in Chinese culture.

Doctor Zheng Dongping gave a speech on “An Ecological-Confucian Becoming, Friending and (Trans)Languaging: Design and Methods”.

The School originally planned to enroll 40 learners but it turned out that as many as 150 teachers and students from South China Agricultural University, Sun Yat-sen University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Technology, Sydney, Xiamen University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Central China Agricultural University etc. registered and attended the lecture series.

The lecture series lasted for a whole day and have familiarized the learners with the objectives, contents and research methodology of ecolinguistics.

The second lecture series on ecolinguisitcs will be held this August.

(Report by Qin Jianhua  Pictures by Cen Haoxian)