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Prof. Shi Yuzhi from National University of Singapore Visits SFS

Date: May-20, 2017 Sat

On May 19, Professor Shi Yuzhi from National University of Singapore Visited the School of Foreign Studies and gave a lecture entitled “Differences in Verb Conceptual System between Chinese and English and Their Influence on Grammar” in Room 5A402 of the School. The lecture was hosted by Professor Li Zhanxi.

Professor Shi specializes in Functional Grammar, and has been productive in grammaticalization theory, historical syntax morphology of Chinese, relation between language and literature, comparative study of Chinese and English etc.

In his lecture, Professor Shi introduced the differences between Chinese and English in conceptual structure with the word YANG (sheep) in New Year wishes given by British PM and American president as an example. He indicated that the mode of conceptualization determined the holistic view of grammar and that semantics and grammar restricted each other.

Professor Li Zhanxi summarized the lecture and expressed sincere gratitude to Professor Shi.

(Report by Qin Jianhua  Picture by Cen Haoxian)