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Prof. Huang Yan from University of Auckland Visits SFS

Date: Apr-21, 2017 Fri

On April 20, Professor Huang Yan from University of Auckland Visited SFS and gave a lecture entitled “Lexical Cloning in English: A Neo-Gricean Lexical Pragmatic Analysis”. The lecture was chaired by Professor Li Zhanxi. Professor Huang Guowen, Dean of SFS, along with many teachers and students, attended the lecture.

With large quantities of date, Professor Huang Yan introduced and explained lexical cloning to the audience. He pointed out that lexical cloning mainly existed in American English, Australian English and British English etc. He also indicated that the subjects of lexical cloning could be verbs, nouns and adjectives etc. and that lexical cloning functioned differently in different contexts. He then analyzed the relation between Gricean theories and lexical cloning.

(Report by Qin Jianhua  Picture by Cen Haoxian)