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Microteaching Room

    The School of Foreign Studies has 1 Microteaching Classroom (also called Studio), which is able to achieve its maneuverability, self-determination and resources sharing by employing the technologyof digital model combination control integration. The microteaching classroom is used for controlling centrally the micro teaching system, organizing and monitoring the practical teaching/learning process, and storing, replaying and post-processing videos. 

    The Microteaching Classroom is equipped with sound multimedia for teaching. The multimedia, such as cameras, offer an ideal environment for oral skill training and teaching research. It is easy to control automatically, switch, sample and replay the audio-visual signal in teaching practice. The lab is used for practical training, video emulating, evaluating and guiding, sharing and communicating of teaching skills. It is also able to aid recording the prominent teachers’ demonstration lectures and top-quality lessons as well as the self-examination and evaluation of the classroom teaching. 

   The Microteaching Classroom employs Ovia CAMPUS central control system, Samrit ST-CC9228R unification camera, high definition record-broadcasting system and other subsidiary equipment. Among them, the central control room equips main control con-sole, host computer,server, camera and audio-visual signal processor.