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Laboratories for Simultaneous Interpreting

   The School of Foreign Studies has 2 Laboratories for Simultaneous Interpreting. The Simultaneous Interpreting Training System offers the simulated conference environment to teaching. Professionally, teachers can make full use of the diverse teaching multimedia to provide various means for students to practice, including DVD, clamping frame, MP3 digital audio documents, e-books or real-time reading. Conference simulation is helpful in strengthening students’ practical translating abilities and giving a prompt quality checking so as to find out their shortcomings and correct mistakes promptly. With the technical advantages of audio-visual digital compressing and storage and instant playback as well as streaming media etc., teachers and students respectively play the roles of “interpreter” and “spokesman” in class. Training environment is created through oral performance or audio-visual broadcasting while the instant checking training is achieved by digital recording, which greatly promotes training efficiency. 

    The system is equipped with a vocal terminal NewClass DL760, a central control unit, a power supply model and an audio-visual switchboard.