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Introduction to MTI Education Center

    South China Agricultural University, one of the national key universities, is a “211 Project” university sponsored by both Guangdong Province and the China Ministry of Agriculture. It is also one of the high-level universities supported by the province. Situated at Guangzhou, the “city of flowers”, the university enjoys picturesque natural surroundings, cultural heritage and a peaceful environment for higher learning. Based on the undergraduate English translation major, Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI), with English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation as translation pairs, was applied in 2014 and approved by the China Ministry of Education to award academic degrees. The center intends to educate students to engage themselves in the translation of agriculture, business, science and technology, politics, diplomacy, law, education, literature, etc. The MTI program, dependent on our school’s agricultural characteristics and traditional disciplinary and interdisciplinary advantages, dedicates itself to training “high-level, practical, specialized” translation talents to meet the requirements of our government to develop agriculture as today’s foundation for national key industries.