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Introduction to the Department of College English Teaching

   The Department has a highly qualified and experienced faculty consisting of 80 members, including 1 professor, 25 associate professors and 54 lecturers. They specialize in the researches into English teaching, British and American literature, translation studies, linguistics and so on. About 50% of them have overseas educational experience. The Department of College English Teaching offers College English courses at the undergraduate level to over 20,000 non-English majors of South China Agricultural University (SCAU) at a faculty-student ratio of 1:250. The faculty members of the Department also engage in thesis guidance for English majors of the Department of English and class management as Class Advisors of the Department of English, College of Foreign Studies (CFS). Undertaking arduous tasks of teaching and academic research, the Department faculty members have been striving determinedly and cooperatively for excellence. With the support of college and university leaders, they have made great achievements in the spirit of dedication and student-oriented education: the faculty members have taken charge of or taken part in dozens of research projects of different levels; they have also published around 300 academic papers and a good many textbooks. There are several teachers who have won prizes in Guangdong University Open Teaching Competition and the Open Teaching Competition of Young Teachers of SCAU; several teachers have been awarded Distinguished Teachers of SCAU; and the students under the guidance of the Department faculty have won numerous prizes in provincial and national competitions. In particular, 3 faculty members have received positive publicity by campus media or mass media due to a well-earned reputation among students as “the wittiest teacher of SCAU”, further expanding the influence of the Department on campus. What’s more, the faculty members actively participate in various education activities. One of them won provincial Educators’ Ethics Essay Competitions, and one took the championship in the speech contest of SCAU. Their remarkable achievements in English teaching and academic research have made a significant contribution to the development of CFS and SCAU as a whole.